What is Web Marketing?

Web marketing is the process of promoting your business online. It includes the use of various platforms such as social media, search engines, blogging, videos and emails. Promotion of a business is very difficult and hence there are many ways to do web marketing.

Web marketing uses internet to promote products and services as compared to traditional advertising in newspapers, radio or TV done earlier. As many people are using the internet every day, hence there are many opportunities to sale the product or services.

Why is web marketing relevant now a days?

You must be certain that regular investments in web marketing and advertising will be profitable for your business and promote expansion.

  • A company can establish stronger bonds with their clients
  • A company can build strong customer loyalty, which is priceless
  • By using web marketing effectively the company can increase trust in their products or services.
  • The company by using effective web marketing can reach out to masses easily
  • Web marketing reaches worldwide customers as compared to traditional marketing
  • Web marketing energizes the efforts of the current marketing strategy
  • Many companies are reducing their budgets by changing to web marketing strategies.

Different types of Web Marketing

Various web marketing techniques available are:

  • Email Marketing : Creating emails and sending it to base of prospective customers is an easy and efficient way of web marketing
  • Social Media Marketing :  Promoting company products and services on social media such as facebook, instagram and pinterest is beneficial
  • Content Marketing : Now a days “Content is King”. Companies who promote their products and services on blogs can see increase in traffic and increased sales.
  • Search Engine Optimization :  This is the process to rank higher in google with the specified keywords.
  • PPC Advertising :  PPC refers to pay per click or ranking for a keyword in SERP (search engine results pages) by paying to google a certain amount per keyword
  • Display Ads : These refers to promotion on other websites of similar topic where prospective buyer may visit.

Benefits of Web Marketing

  • Web marketing is cost effective for example promoting through facebook ads is three times cheaper as compared to radio, television or other ads.
  • Web marketing is focused.
  • It builds client relationships
  • It is easy to adopt for instance the budget for social media advertising, banner ads can be revised easily when compared to traditional marketing.


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